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In this video I’ve discussed three supplements in bodybuilding which are research based and can really help you with your results.
Supplement industry is filled with products which are hardly beneficial and still cost a lot,so with these video I want you all to know my favorite one’s after a lot of study and practical usage.

Simply, one of the best forms of protein, easy to digest,affordable and very convenient.
I generally take one to two scoops daily.
Timing-You can simply use it anytime of the day.

One of the most research backed supplement in the bodybuilding and sports industry.
Helps Muscle Cells Produce More Energy Molecules in the form of ATP.
Increases weight training strength and performance and is very affordable.
Take 5gm post training.

Beta alanine
Beta-alanine enhances performance by increasing exercise capacity and decreasing muscle fatigue. It also has antioxidant, immune-enhancing and anti-aging properties.
Researches have proved it to beneficial in endurance training and high intensity interval training.
Will help you push a few extra reps in the gym.
Dosage-2-5gm anytime of the day.
Avoid in evenings for better sleep.

Have a great training ahead. Hope this video helped You guys,do let me know if I can improve on something.
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