Nick Scott's Journey –
Nick Scott is the foremost promoter of wheelchair bodybuilding. He is the founder and owner of the largest online wheelchair bodybuilding community, and a global promoter the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding. As a wheelchair bodybuilder he is an active part of the bodybuilding scene, having competed in 21 shows in 18 national locations since March 2006.

Back in August of 1998 he was involved in an accident that forever changed his life. The left front tire on his vehicle blew out and the vehicle rolled five-and-a-half times before coming to a stop. Nick was ejected though the driver’s side window, and eventually collided with his vehicle in mid-air. The outcome of this accident was a broken back and a damaged spine at T12 L1, requiring titanium rods to be vertically bolted to his spine.

Nick was diagnosed as paraplegic and told that it would be physically impossible for him to ever walk again. That day a part of him died; yet, at the same time, another part was born.

What’s the one thing you gain from losing everything? Perspective.

At that point it wasn’t about the glass was half-empty or half-full; Nick was just grateful to have a glass. In the beginning he used to ask himself repeatedly WHY ME? Over time he realized that he had been given the gift of a second chance and became determined to use this gift to do wonderful things.

Wheelchair bodybuilding is very close to his heart because of the void it filled after his accident. Training in the gym helped Nick put the pieces of his life back together weight lifting made him whole again. All his goals for this sport come from the heart; thats where bodybuilding lives, breathing new life into all of us. Thats the feeling he aims to share with the world.

Nicks mission is to bring more awareness and exposure to the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding and he intends to lead by example. Wheelchair bodybuilding is his passion and his life. He has promoted the sport in many forms through news stations, newspapers, major magazines, and motivational speaking, and on stage at countless competitions and events, and has traveled across the United States to bring more awareness and exposure to the sport of wheelchair bodybuilding.


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