How to Go Faster While Doing Less on the Rowing Machine

The recovery is one of the most overlooked under practiced pieces of the rowing movement.

A lot of people don’t think about the recovery because you can’t do work to the machine there. The work is done in the drive phase.

However, in reality, this movement is actually dependent on the time you spend in the recovery. You either spend all your time tight and under tension or you learn how to put some force into the machine and then relax. This relaxation is what can win the movement for you.

By learning how to do to this you will save energy and allow yourself to get into position for the next stroke beginning with the catch. Which is why this is beneficial for anybody trying to use the rowing machine more strategically, not just for rowers.

So, if you want to maximize your time on the Concept2, learn to love the recovery. It’s where you win the stroke and where the mechanics come together.

By putting together a strong drive and a relaxed recovery you get a beautifully efficient stroke and before you know it, the rowing machine becomes a more powerful tool for you, your workouts get better, and you get faster!

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